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For Sale

Thought I might pop this in here before I placed it on ebay to see if anyone was interested as this does fall into the 'home decorationg' category. :) I've decided to sell a lithograph I bought from Ruth in 1999 called "Warring Tribes". Its # 953 of 1000. I mentioned it to Ruth at a recent convention and she was surprised I had one. She said it's one of her most popular pieces and is in high demand as it sold out soon after I bought mine. She mentioned it was selling for over $500 I believe.

(from the artist's website)
Written in Runic on the columns, walls, and steps of the castle is the following tale:

"Once upon a time there was a woman who met a knight. They fell in love and moved to a castle on the hill. But, he was a jerk, so she got the castle, the dragon and all the gold. The End."

If you are interested, make me an offer! Thanks!
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